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Frequently Asked Questions

I only have a X-Rite ColorMunki Photo spectrometer, can I use WASY’s calibration software?

Yes, our calibration software supports X-Rite ColorMunki Photo spectrometer. Before using it, you need to install the driver provided in our calibration program. For more details, please refer to our manual.

Can I test the calibration result before purchasing WASY’s product ?

Yes, you can download WasyDemo to experience the actual image difference of the before-and-after calibration. You can download the trial version from the “Supports & Download” in our Website.

Does WASY provide trial version for your calibration software ?

Yes, we provide the trial version with one month test period.

Before using the trial version, you need to install and run WasyDemo first. For more details, please refer to our manual or contact our local agent directly.

To install and run WasyDemo, what equipments do I need ?

You will need one display, one computer with Microsoft OS, and one colorimeter.

The display can be a computer monitor, projector, TV, or notebook PC screen.

The computer can be PC, notebook or laptop.

The OS can be Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8.

The colorimeter can be X-Rite ColorMunki Photo / Display, Konica Minolta CA-210 / CA-310. Many other colorimeters / spectrometers should work, but we have not tested them all.

For more details, please refer to our manual. If you do not have the colorimeter, you can contact our local agent directly.

Why can’t I get the calibrated data after execute the WasyDemo ?

Please make sure your Windows login account has the privilege to write the data in the installed WasyDemo directory. If you do not have the privilege, you can --

1. Execute the WasyDemo as administrator in the context menu (run as administrator).

2. Copy the Installed WasyDemo directory to the directory that you have the right to write, and then execute the wasyDemo.exe in the copied directory.

Does WASY calibration software support dual monitors ?

Yes, all our calibration software supports the dual and multiple monitors system. Some of the video cards may not support multi-LUT (Look-Up-Table), you need to check with your video card supplier. 

When change to different color setting, most of the calibration kits need to do the calibration again, why WASY’s calibration software can support multiple preset modes without re-calibration ?

It’s Wasy’s unique technique.

We collect complete optical data of the calibrated display and calculate all the color setting combinations with very high accuracy. Therefore, you just need to do one time calibration and can apply to all color setting combinations.

How often do I need to calibrate my display ?

For professional applications, especially the medical diagnostic, some professional survey suggests the display should be calibrated every one or three months. 

 With our calibration software, we suggest users to do the re-calibration at least every six months.

Can WASY provide ICC profile after calibration ?

After the calibration, your display shall meet the global sRGB standard, you can use sRGB profile directly.

 If you do need the ICC profile, we can provide it and will ask for extra change especially for the ICC profile under different color settings.

After using WASY’s calibration software, how can I know my display does get better and accurate image ?

We will provide a specific report to show the result of the before-and-after calibration.

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