◆ Calibration Service & OEM
Calibration Service – For our calibration software

For our PixelMed and AccuMore calibration software, users can choose to buy and own the software. Another alternative is to buy our calibration service.

A. WasyTech’s send you the display measurement program for you to measure and collect the display’s characteristic data.

B. You send the data to WasyTech’s calibration center.

C. WasyTech’s runs the calibration program to generate a calibrated data file and send you the data file.

D. You store the calibrated data file to your computer and run the execution program and your display is calibrated.

Calibration Service – For our firmware calibration

For our firmware calibration, we can implement all the functions & features of our calibration techniques to a specific display.

For such implementation, we need to know the technical details of the display and thus to co-work with the display supplier is a must.

The display supplier also can specify their special requests then we can tailor our calibration techniques or develop new features to fulfill such customization or OEM requirements.

We are flexible to discuss such OEM opportunity and join-development program, all display suppliers are mostly welcomed to contact us.

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