◆ Firmware Calibration

Instead of to do the calibration after users bought the displays, all WasyTech’s calibration techniques and leading functions can be implicated to the displays when they are produced in the factory or before they are distributed to the market.

We call this firmware calibration as the calibration data, the LUT (Look Up Table) and/or image parameters/settings are stored in the display’s firmware.

The displays can be computer monitor, notebook PC screen, projector, TV/video display…etc.
As each display model has its own unique firmware, each display model also has its own unique calibration firmware.

Only WasyTech can implement this firmware calibration which can be performed with a computer or through display’s MCU (Micro-Control Unit).
Sensor Communication1   Sensor Communication2   Sensor Communication3
The firmware calibration can also provide GUI menu with basic setting, medical function and advanced settings to incorporate convenient present modes for specific task and flexible image fine-tune functions.
Firmware Medical PresetMode   Firmware Medical MedicalFunction   Firmware Medical AdvancedSettings
Firmware calibration supports most of WasyTech’s leading calibrations functions.
Function & Features Can Support
DICOM gamma Yes
Automatic localized image enhancement Yes
Color Shift Mode Yes
Color Tracking Yes
Auto display calibration Yes
Accurate color under different setting Yes
Preset Modes Yes
Analog signal calibration Yes