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WasyTech provides leading calibration software & firmware for medical imaging and other professional applications. This serves as an affordable alternative to upgrade your premium displays with high quality image for your demanding tasks.

 Calibration Software for Medical    Calibration Software for Professional Application
Calibration Software MD   Calibration Software PF
For medical application, the PixelMed calibration software delivers DICOM Part 14 GSDF compliant grayscale and more features for finest details images.   For color-critical professional applications, the AccuMore calibration software delivers accurate color following industrial CMS standards & practice.
 Firmware Calibration    Calibration Service & OEM
Calibration Firmware   Customized
All WasyTech's calibration techniques/features can be incorporated into a tailored firmware for a specific display following OEM/customization requirements.   Besides to sell our calibration techniques as a stand-alone product, WasyTech can follow customers' requests to provide calibration service and OEM development.
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